Download Earth Revival Android 2023

Download Earth Revival Android 2023

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Earth: Revival is a third-person action game that takes you to a sci-fi universe where you control one of the few survivors of an alien invasion that has left civilization on the brink of destruction. In this survival video game, you will have to explore all kinds of open world scenes while collecting resources and fighting all kinds of threats.

The controls in Earth: Revival are typical for the genre: a virtual controller on the left for moving around 3D scenes, and action buttons on the right. Players who are used to Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite will adapt to this system perfectly. But for the playable aspect, not only will you have to shoot aliens or other humans, you will also have to gather resources to survive in this ruined world.

This open world game has a very important cinematic part when it comes to the narrative, as this is one of its strongest points. The story that you gradually discover in the land: Revival will introduce you to all the traditions and involve you in all the events that will happen. Moreover, her video scenes are of the highest quality, which will add to that feeling even more.

Earth: Revival is an excellent action and survival game with great production values and a gameplay that's as fun as it is varied. This game is full of options for all kinds of users, not just third person game lovers, as you can even build your own home and customize it the way you want.
Revised by Nelson Di Benito
Translated by the Uptodown Localization Team
Requirements (latest version)
Android 5.0 or later required
How do I download Earth: Revival for Android?
You can easily download Earth: Revival for Android from Uptodown. Just download the latest or any of the previous versions to enjoy this MMC Society title.

How big is the Earth: Revival APK file?
Earth: Revival APK file size is 128MB. However, to start your first game, you will need additional data that will allow you to play all the environments and resources of this video game.

What are the minimum requirements to play Earth: Revival?
The minimum requirements to run Earth: Revival on Android are: Snapdragon 835 or Kirin 980 processors, at least 4GB of RAM, and Android 9 or higher.

When does Earth: Revival come out on Android?
Earth: Revival for Android was released on April 22, 2022. Although there is no worldwide version yet, its developers have released CBT builds to get a feel for the main features of the title.


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